Athletes! Bring your friends and come enjoy a morning of serious sweating fun at Wings Elite Fitness!

Movement Standards:

The athlete must remain seated, with hands on the handle bar, untill 20cal shows on the monitor.

Back Squat:
Start from a position where the hips and knees are at full extension.  At the bottom of the Squat the hips must pass through 90°, where the hip crease is clearly below the top of the knee.  A repetition is complete when the athlete reaches full extension again at the top.

Box Jump:
A 2-foot jump and landing is required to get up onto the box.  Full hip and knee extension on top of the box.  A jump or step down is allowed.

Chest-to-Bar Pull Up:
Start from a hang position, with arms (elbows) in full extension.  At the top, the body has to make contact with the pull up bar, anywhere under the collar bones. Men (all age groups):  Strict Pull Up.  No kipping allowed.  A kip is defined as any movement from the lower body to generate momentum, like lifting the knees or hips.  The body has to stay in the same curve/ position throughout the movement. Ladies (all age groups): Strict or Kipping Pull Up.  No Butterfly Pull Up. 

Start from a fully extended (hips and knees) upright posture, with hands behind the head. At the bottom, the chest and thighs have to make contact with the floor at the same time.  Chest is defined as the area of the sternum, above the top of the abdominal muscles. The repetition is complete once the athlete return to a fully extended upright position, with hands behind the head.

Dead Lift:
Start with the bar on the floor.  Each rep is completed when the athlete has lifted the bar to a fully extended (hips and knees) upright position, with the shoulders clearly behind the bar. No bouncing of the bar is allowed.  Elbows have to remain in a fully extended position at the bottom of each lift.

Athletes will complete a full circular route, from their Dead Lift bar, back to the same Dead Lift bar to make sure all athletes complete the same distance. 

Please ensure that you can complete the movements with the standard weight. 

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