About Us

We are passionate about functional fitness and eager to introduce people to it, developing a  great community together.
Wings Elite Fitness boasts the expertise of our head coach Jan Fourie, a Biokineticist by profession, with vast experience in sports conditioning, orthopedic rehabilitation and the correction of posture and bio-mechanics.
Whether you are training for weight loss, to increase your fitness level, or just to be healthy, you will find Wings Elite Fitness to be stimulating, challenging and highly effective.

Wings Elite Fitness is an exclusive box.
Our coaches are passionate about building relationships with our members.
We therefore know the capability of each member and this gives us the ability to prescribe scaled exercises when needed or guiding an athlete to accomplish more advanced movements, when the time is right.

We will never pressure anyone to do more than what they are comfortable or capable of doing.

The Facility

We are extremely privileged to have a wonderful spacious facility, with all the equipment needed to keep workouts interesting and challenging.

The Box is set-up and planned to host competitions where each athlete has access to his own set of equipment.

There is ample safe parking, with security.

We take pride in what we offer, and therefore take exceptionally good care of our members, equipment and the facility.